New Year Resolutions

By | 24 December, 2012

Christmas are finally here.

Apart from going out, going out again, drinking more cider than I really should, getting together with my closest friends and relatives, enjoying a few days in my hometown and taking a deserved break while switching my mind off… Here they’re some of my resolutions for the year coming:

  1. Getting the Microsoft HTML5 and CSS3 Certification. This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below:
    • Implement and Manipulate Document Structures and Objects
    • Implement Program Flow
    • Access and Secure Data
    • Use CSS3 in Applications
  2. So the final goal is getting my hands dirty and achieving the 70-480 Certification.

  3. Taking the Professional Scrum Master level 1 (PSM I) assessment. This is a trully advantageous certification for every professional developer and it’s really appreciated by companies all over the world. After paying the fees, you are sent an username and a password that will allow you to do the assessment online on this website: See the Scrum Certification Link
  4. Watching the well-known tv series Breaking Bad.
  5. Picking it up this blog in order to fill the gap caused by this few months without studying English, and be ready to take the C1 exam by next June.
  6. Organizing the one of my best friends’ hen party, thinking about an impressive trip to Croatia.
  7. Going again to the gym and trying not to give it up during the first month.
  8. Reading the book What’s new in Java 7? in my brand new ebook reader.
  9. Having more spare time, this won’t be difficult at all regarding that at this moment my spare time is zero..
May the Force be with me

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