Symfony 2

By | 29 December, 2012

Oh my God! This is the real deal!!!

These Christmas days I am getting obsessed with this awesome framework. I am quite used to work with other MVC frameworks, such as Spring, Struts, .NET MVC, but I had never had the chance to experience with any MVC framework for PHP.

PHP (aka the most powerful programming language to deliver 100% spaguetti code) is a language to use very carefully. As you probably know, there are very good PHP programmers, but there is also a crowd of spaguetti coders. You know what I mean :).

So do not be tempted to follow the horrible approach of programming PHP files with thousands of lines, mixing HTML, with logic and database calls. Use a framework instead, and please, do not try to reinvent the wheel. There are people out there who are better than us at inventing wheels. So take advantage of it!

If you would like to give it a try, you can start by visiting Symfony’s website. The documentation is great, plenty of examples, and really self-explanatory and easy to follow. Here you are some links to start with:

I have been deploying a first app these days, and my plan is to carry on learning how to develop high quality software with this framework. After this, maybe I test CodeIgniter as well, another MVC framework for PHP which is currently a real trend.

But watch out, every time you see the typical PHP file with a huge scroll that never ends, remember to shout out loud:

Oh mate, What’s this horrible stuff!!!


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