Christmas presents

By | 2 January, 2013

Battle Cry: hell yeah!!!!!!!!!

The Three Wise Men have arrived a bit sooner this year. And it seems that they liked how I did this year, regarding the presents I have received. For now, I have been given an incredible present: a 13″ MacBook Air!!!

I know that it is a bit posh, but anyway, it is definitely an amazing gadget. Moreover, I have to admit that I have always dreamt of having a Mac.

So, my new goal is taking advantage of my new piece of software and learning how to program with RoR (Ruby on Rails). However, this will have to wait for now until I am getting used to Mac OS. It may seem ridiculous, but changing the operative system is something which is not easy at all. New commands, shortcuts, applications, and so on.

Apart from that, I have also been given a couple of books:

  • Rocket Surgery Made Easy, by Steve Krug.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 For the real world, by Alexis Goldstein et al.

The first one is the new book of Steve Krug, the usability guru, and the very well known author of Don’t make me think. The second is to have another reference to study for the HTML5 and CSS3 certification I am planning to take.

Finally, I would like to post a Christmas song different from the ones we are used to listen to on the radio throughout these days. It is a bit freak, but really catchy. The name of the band is Slade.

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