MySQL and its new boss

By | 20 January, 2013

MySQL? What happened to you? You used to be cool! This is not you!

These last few days I have installed the admin GUI tool of MySQL for the first time since it belongs to Oracle in order to prepare some lessons related to the databases subject that I currently teach. But now, this tool is called MySQL Workbench, instead of Administrator or Query Browser.

The thing is that my first impression in not very good at all. Especially when talking about usability. Provided that in the past these tools used to be very simple and intuitive, now the new Workbench is a complete administration tool not very comfortable to use starting from the home screen. And my question is, was this necessary? Personally I am totally against complicated or tricky interfaces. It’s so frustrating when one spends a huge amount of time trying to find out where a button is. Come on, make my life easier, dude!

In conclusion, I liked the old MySQL. It was simple and very easy to use. If I need something else, I would deal with Oracle or SQL Server, but not MySQL.

KISS, KISS, Keep it simple, stupid 🙂

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