In the brain of Uncle Bob

By | 22 March, 2013

One thing that thrills me about some big capitals like London is the amount of events that are going on almost every day. It is very easy to get you agenda fully booked of interesting stuff.

For instance, a very close person told me that he had attended a tech talk with Robert C. Martin (aka Uncle Bob). Can you imagine? This is like being really into music and having the stunning opportunity to attend a concert of The Rolling Stones. Hell yeah!

In this talk Uncle Bob talked about the evolution of Object Oriented Design from the very begining (the 70s) to nowadays. And he did it based on his experience as a software developer, starting in the late 70s writting programs in assembly language for 8085 computers (64 Kb of memory!). For those of you who would like to see the whole video of his talk, you can go to this link:

This Thursday I am going to London to spend my Easter holidays there. I wish I had the opportunity to experience such an exciting event like this. Who knows? In London, everything is absolutely possible!

And if not, keep calm, and have a pint!

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