Ready to go into Oracle?

By | 24 March, 2013

Easter Holidays have finally come. Time to rest and chill out… Oh wait!

The academic year is being specially long and tough. But finally, now when they are more needed than ever, holidays have finally arrived. This Easter I have planned to rest and shake all the stress away. However, there might be also some moments to work a bit, as usual.

You have said that I am a certain kind of workaholic? Are you talking to me…? 😉

So the main thing which I want to focus on is trying to prepare some lessons about PL/SQL and Oracle 11g ( I know that it is a quite old technology, but it is still very important and used by companies, though. And this is about getting students ready to jump into companies successfully. So, anything to declare? 🙂 In fact, in IT companies is so commonly used as a quite popular programming language like Visual Basic .NET, and it is not far from essentials like Javascript. Take a look at this piece of information:

I am very willing and interested in this training Oracle resume, and even more in PL / SQL. So, as soon as my battery would be fully recharged with useless stored procedures in a PL/SQL package, do promise to put examples of my progress just over there, talking about interesting technical terms.

Finally, exciting news for me.  I am glad to announce that I am thinking of adding a new section to my blog in which I would like to talk about the trips I go on. And can you think of a best start than my next holidays in London? I am sure you cannot, because this is a killer. 😛

Enjoy your holidays and have lots of fun! It’s about time! It’s scary, being away from… my PC-job, laptop-job, job-applications and so on, but I know I’ll come back refreshed and ready to work even harder. Hope you’re doing well.

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