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By | 2 June, 2013

Who said that software developers do not like to socialize? I do have a lot of friends. Ok, I only know their nicknames, but I love them… Just kidding 😛

Social networking is without a doubt one of the main milestones of the last few years regarding technology. Users started to use the Web not only for researching of all kinds purposes, but also to interact with other people in various manners. There are several examples that nowadays we all know, like blogs, instant messaging, forums and social networks.

As a result, software developers started to write thousands of applications to allow users to do more and more things on the Web. In fact, companies know that social networks represent a huge world to explore and sell their products. There are no company which does not have an eye on Facebook, and people working full time to build a profile and reach their targeted customers.

In this scenario, writing an app for Facebook (for example) is something that we, as professionals, have to know how to do. In the .NET platform (it is the one I have a better knowledge of) there is a Facebook App Template in the new Visual Studio 2012. Consequently, here you have a new thing to keep in mind to have a look at. If you are able to develop a Facebook app which ticks all the boxes you were asked for, you would be adding real value to you company, and to your career.

Off topic. By the way, I will be enjoying my summer holidays during July and August. My intention is going to London for the whole summer, with a week break to go to some sunny beach and do nothing apart from eating, tanning and drinking. Maybe you are saying: -Come on… Don’t rub it!- I know. I shouldn’t, but I worked so hard this year, and I really think I deserve it. And yes. You deserve it too!

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