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By | 8 June, 2013
Make sure your web applications look nice when browsing from a mobile device
Due to the current trends in mobile devices purchasing and using them to access the Internet, there are more and more users out there accesing our sites from a mobile device. And of course, someone has to take care of that. We cannot expect users to browse accross our sites from a mobile.

The consequence will be user frustration due to a poor usability. And we all know what less traffic means.

There are two main possible approaches to address this problem. On one hand, there is the responsive design. On the other hand, an alternative version for mobiles. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and I encourage you to research a bit about them. However, if you go for the latest one, jQuery mobile can be your friend, helping you to build a clean and neat user interface taking advantage of the user experience that touch screens provide, and reusing all the backend logic you have already in place.

So one of my upcoming plans will be catching up with jquery mobile in this summer time in order to be taught in the Web development subject I’ll be teaching this year.
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