The death of Javascript?

By | 30 June, 2013

It has been said during the last years that Javascript was going to die sooner or later. Everyone wanted to kill that messy programming language which was driving a lot of programmers worldwide nuts.

However, we are attending to a new trend which consists on moving as much logic as possible to the client. And here, obviously, Javascript has much to say. There are already out there few frameworks based on Javascript that are trying to drive developers to build more dynamic applications. Knockout, Backbone, NodeJS or Angular are some of them.

On the other hand, some new languages built on top of Javascript have been released, such as Typescript of CoffeeScript, as an attempt to wrap this language and encourage developers to code in a clean an extensible way. This was arisen as a response of all the dark and horrendous things that you can do with Javascript.

So, next time you hear someone saying that learning Javascript is something from the past, please, do not take it so serious. And at least, do as you should do when going to the doctor. Ask for a second opinion!

Anyway, more fun now, dear reader:

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