Chat with WebSockets

By | 8 July, 2013

During these days I am trying to use my time as wisely as I can. One of the things I thought it would be worthwhile was reviewing the materials I use to teach Programming with Threading and Concurrency. Having a look at the latest trends, I came across a really interesting technology which puts together two of my favorite topics: web programming and concurrency.

For example this is a snapshot of a dummy client with connects to a given remote server that I’ve been researching and developing.

You are right if you are thinking of Websockets. It is a protocol related to HTML5 which allows you to open communications directly in the web browser using Javascript. There are a handful of technologies working all together to make this happen, such as NodeJS, StropheJS, XMPP, STOMP, and so on.

For instance, this is a screenshot where you can see how two clients (one using the browser and the other one using Pidgin) are talking to each other through a XMPP server installed in the local machine (Openfire). However, there are multiple ways to extend and revamp this such as connecting to GTalk.

It is more than clear that could be good training for my students next year. I hope they will enjoy it as much as I am doing while setting it up!

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