STOMP and Websockets

By | 13 July, 2013

STOMP is a messaging transfer protocol that allows us to use Websockets to connect to nodes remotely. There are several implementations of servers and clients compatible with this protocol. Servers wise, perhaps the most popular is Apache ActiveMQ. One of its features is the queue system that implements. Using these set of queues, we can connect different systems in a reliable and asynchronous way, taking advantage of the benefits of this kind of architectures.

For instance, this is a screenshot of a simple impelementation of the Rock, Paper and Scissors game, in which two browser-based clients talk to each other through two queues. When both of them receive their selection, they print the result of the game.

Finally, this is the detail of the log printed by one of the clients. You can see how the messages are sent and received thanks to the queues:

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