Spring Framework Certification

By | 29 March, 2015

Spring LogoThis week I’m finishing teaching a course for Software Specialist  Developer on J2EE enterprise environments but shortly I hope to start another course based on a huge range of different web technologies.

Notice that many of the contents presented during that term are related to the Spring Framework (SpringMVC) and Hibernate, so this would be a perfect time to prepare the Certificates associated with these technologies. In reference to the first one, Pivotal offers 3 VMWare Certifications of Spring Framework:

  • Core Spring – leads to becoming a Spring Certified Professional
  • Spring Web – leads to becoming a Certified Spring Web Application Developer
  • Enterprise Integration with Spring – leads to becoming a Certified Enterprise Integration Specialist

The one I found the most interesting is the intermediate, which prepares you to become a  VMware SpringSource Certified Spring Web Application Developer. I’ve been looking several training courses for preparation, however, for the moment I’ll try to prepare it on my own using the following sources:

  • Spring in Action (Craig Walls), Fourth Edition, Manning Publications: I own  a paperback edition since a while, in fact it was a part of the source of inspiration to get some of the content that I have taught in the course.
  • Some reference books I found in: http://arnosthavelka.github.io/spring-cert/index.html#!
  • But surely, this page seems to have plenty of resources available, as well as Mocks exam for preparing the same type of certification: http://springcert.sourceforge.net/index.html

Regarding the examination is a computer-based exam (which you can easily take in any Paerson VUE Test Center) it takes a total of 90 minutes with a passing score of  76% (38 of 50 questions answered successfully). The type of questions asked in the exam are multiple-choice. Some questions have multiple answers. But as I read this is NOT always explicitly stated. You are allowed to go back to earlier questions during the exam and can change the answers ( this does not always happen…) And finally the score is provided immediately at the end of the exam. Hard copy provided at test center and softcopy certificate sent by e-mail.

After the training you will receive a SpringSource Certification exam voucher that you can use at a Pearson Vue Center. Pearson Vue has hundreds of locations all over the world so you are guaranteed to have an exam center near you, for example the one I chose (Consultec placed on Donosti). In my case since  I took in that center the CCNA certification I have a Pearson account .

Once I pass the exam I will give you  some tips & tricks on how I managed to pass it and join me on the road to the next certification on JPA / Hibernate.

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