Runniac is almost ready to go!

By | 16 May, 2015

In recent posts I wrote about a project I’m working on which consists on a search engine to find running events. I would say that it’s now in some kind of preproduction stage. For that reason I have been really busy these days trying to fix bugs and issues and trying to polish the whole site.

As a final result user or visitors will be able to search for races using different criteria, navigate through the results getting information about the events such as location, price, distance, date or analyzing the event route on an interactive map.

Despite the fact that it will be released very soon you can find below some screenshots of the main pages:

In the landing page if the user scrolls down a list of the races which will take place the closest to him is displayed to enable that functionality the user has to accept first being geolocated by the site.

This picture shows the list of results which is paginated and can be ordered by several criteria, such as date or rating.

In the event detail page the user can see the course of the race on a map using the being base map.

At the moment I’m focusing on the SEO. In spite of reaching a 95% at Google Page Speed and Yslow I still need to add some caching features to my Web API Rest services. This can be done very easily using the OutputCache attribute which can decorate any controller action or the whole controller class. These .NET services are called from the client using the ngResource Angular module, which supports interaction with RESTful services.

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