Oracle Certified Professional and Professional Scrum Master certifications

By | 2 July, 2015

I’m glad to say that this term I’m starting a project in which I was involved long time ago. Just when I decided to spend my time teaching and preparing public examinations to become a professor of computer science. Next year I will be teaching a professional module, which can be saw as supplimentary due to the little hours spent in the global course, but it seems to me essential and of particular importance, so it’s my responsability to do my best 😉

The module I’m just talking about is known as Entornos de Desarrollo/Development Environments, and aims to acquaint students with the basic notions about the current development environments and the whole life cycle of a software product. From analysis and design stages, UML modeling and agile methodologies (Scrum) to software development and optimization (refactoring) and unit testing process (JUnit).

Because I really believe in the importance of certifications of current software vendors, so that they would add value to a potential developer in a business environment or once working to prove the competence, I’ve decided to focus on the subject to the preparation of two popular certifications:

  • Professional Scrum Master
  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer

I can talk knowingly about the first one, because I’m just certified. And regarding the second… I’m working on it, and I’ll hopefully  get it out this summer. I find them very useful and productive for students who can combine both this module and the second year  module that I’ve been teaching  called: Programación de Servicios y Procesos/Programming Services and Processes.

For more information about:

  • Professional Scrum Master
  • Sources: Scrum Guide and related bibliography
  • Online exam (150$ aprox.)

 If you think you might be interested and want to know more, take a look at:

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