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Second lesson in Scrum or How to manage the team whiteboard

A really helpful artifact in Scrum is the whiteboard. The whiteboard is one of the main responses of Scrum to the transparency principle (but not the only one). And why I am saying this? Because, it is the place where the development team will show to the rest of the organization the progress and state […]

First lesson in Scrum

I have started to read the Scrum Guide which is a sixteen-page long document in which is explained the principals of Scrum. First of all, Scrum is not a set of guidelines which you’re tightly coupled to, but it’s a framework that tries to drive the teams to follow some rules and advices such as: […]

Estimation in Scrum

So, you miss you years at University playing poker with your mates? Estimation in Scrum has nothing to do with the traditional ways and methods that usually are followed by companies and teams under methodologies like waterfall or RUP. In fact, the whole process of developing software itself is radically different, but today I would […]