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Spring Microservices

Seguramente ya hayas oído hablar del concepto de microservicios y, ciertamente, es una de esas nuevas tendencias, que tanto abundan en el ámbito del desarrollo, que aparentemente se pone tan de moda que hace que muchos profesionales se empeñen en cambiar sus sistema actual pese a que no encaje dentro de esa nueva tendencia. Como […]

Writing your own PHP MVC Framework

During this Christmas break I’m trying to improve the PHP contents I usually teach. I tend to structure the course in a way which gives me time enough to explain how an MVC Framework works and, for that purpose, last year I chose Symfony due to it’s one of the most widely used by companies […]

Refactor your code

Everyone can write code than can be understood by a machine, but not everyone can write code that can be understood by another human. In the daily routine of a software developer, is as usual taking part in new developments as maintaining legacy systems. That is why it is very important to ensure that our […]

Design Patterns in a nutshell

I have reached the conclusion that I need to review what I know about Design Patterns. For those of you who actually do not know what they are, it can be said that they are guidelines o solutions we can apply when we face certain design problems in our daily work. They have been proven […]