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What’s about to come up…

There was such a long time since I haven’t updated my blog. The reason is that I’ve been really busy with other projects. However, pretty soon I am starting to teach a very interesting course based on developing websites on the J2EE platform using the Framework SpringMVC 4, Maven 2 and Hibernate 4.x , trying […]

Posting files from .NET to Amazon S3

When you’re dealing with files and your website makes it possible to users to upload photos, videos or any other kind of files, it can be useful to store them up in the Cloud instead of in your current Server Distributed File System. This is a good choice especially when you don’t own the specific […]

Using AngularJs to write single page apps

During these days I’m trying to learn a bit of AngularJs. Angular is a Javascript Framework which you can use to develop more responsive and usable apps. One of the key features of Angular is that makes simple developing what are called single page apps. Apart from MVVM binding, Angular has its own routing system. […]

Writing your own PHP MVC Framework

During this Christmas break I’m trying to improve the PHP contents I usually teach. I tend to structure the course in a way which gives me time enough to explain how an MVC Framework works and, for that purpose, last year I chose Symfony due to it’s one of the most widely used by companies […]

Using Web Workers to consume Lastfm API

Web workers are a technology which allows us to delegate tasks in background using client-side programming. Until now with pure Javascript it was not possible to start or run multiple tasks at the same time. Web workers provide an easy way to split tasks in different contexts. How this works is rather simple. From your […]

An overview to Knockout

When developing an application, traditionally we were used to mix HTML code with Javascript (jQuery) to render the data coming from an Ajax call. However the result of doing this is a bunch of code which is not very readable and maintainable. To try to overcome this situation several frameworks have come up. They’re the […]

Multithreading .NET (III)

So now a very good practice would be to go back to the first dummy app (MDPA4W) and do just a bit of refactoring. Basically, I’ll locate the statement of the Sleep method inside another one which signature is called takeARest. Then I’ll instantiate a thread that takes advantage of that, and just run it. […]