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[Off-topic] Creating a QR code client-side

When we’re developing a website it’s sometimes useful to provide a mechanism to make easier for users to come back to the site later on. Traditionally this was very easy to implement for classic web browsers.  However the amount of mobile devices that nowadays are surfing the Internet is huge and this is nothing but the begining. […]

[Off topic]Using Font Awesome icons in your applications

Since the start of the Internet media and images has been used to decorate and make more meaningful websites. It is very common and helpful to display icons apart from text to catch the users eye and drive them to the actions they want to perform. When one has to insert an icon in a […]

Slides: awesome software for presentations

During this past days I’ve been testing a range of software and tools to build presentations to support my lessons. One that definitely impressed me was slides ( for its powerful but simple interface and neat results. As a proof of what I’m saying you can see the squeleton I did for some courses I’m […]

Tidying up my materials

Here you are the platform that will be used to give some of the courses that I will teach pretty soon or just have taught. Notice that it is a platform that has just been set up but will grow rapidly in the upcoming weeks. If you are interested in any further stuff or […]

What’s about to come up…

There was such a long time since I haven’t updated my blog. The reason is that I’ve been really busy with other projects. However, pretty soon I am starting to teach a very interesting course based on developing websites on the J2EE platform using the Framework SpringMVC 4, Maven 2 and Hibernate 4.x , trying […]

Facebook apps and a bit off topic

Who said that software developers do not like to socialize? I do have a lot of friends. Ok, I only know their nicknames, but I love them… Just kidding 😛 Social networking is without a doubt one of the main milestones of the last few years regarding technology. Users started to use the Web not […]

Ready to go into Oracle?

Easter Holidays have finally come. Time to rest and chill out… Oh wait! The academic year is being specially long and tough. But finally, now when they are more needed than ever, holidays have finally arrived. This Easter I have planned to rest and shake all the stress away. However, there might be also some […]

Daqué de balse

Esti ye’l mio propósitu pa ser una supermuyer. Pidí a los Reis Magos superpoderes, p’amás de tomar tou lo que tengo ente manos, bastante ye, poder faer una vida normal. Por casu, agora toi con una ferramienta, que pudiera ser potente y ta bien espandida na redolada académica. Creo bonalmente que toles conseyeríes faen usu […]

Christmas presents

Battle Cry: hell yeah!!!!!!!!! The Three Wise Men have arrived a bit sooner this year. And it seems that they liked how I did this year, regarding the presents I have received. For now, I have been given an incredible present: a 13″ MacBook Air!!! I know that it is a bit posh, but anyway, […]

New Year Resolutions

Christmas are finally here. Apart from going out, going out again, drinking more cider than I really should, getting together with my closest friends and relatives, enjoying a few days in my hometown and taking a deserved break while switching my mind off… Here they’re some of my resolutions for the year coming: Getting the […]