[Runniac] La red social para runners

Url: http://runniac.com


The main goal consists on building a social network for amateur runners where one can perform searches of events and share a wide range of information about them with others. This project is mainly oriented to target a growing amount of people who are into running.

It is also intended to become a place where users know that there can be found a thorough catalog of races through a convenient, comfortable and easy to use interface, no matter if they are accessing from a personal computer or a mobile device.

Besides the whole development, the project presents the complete process of publishing the website in a scalable platform using deployment process as simple as possible and keeping close to the continuous integration principles.

This Web site was developed using a huge variety of technologies such as AngularJS and Bootstrap on the client-side; C #, ASP.NET 4.5.1, 5 WebAPI MVC 2 on the server-side; and MongoDB and SQL Server as Database Management Systems. The site also interacts with external systems such as Mailgun for sending emails, AmazonWS (S3) for the photo storage or MongoLab to store the basis of MongoDB data.

The software is publicly accessible via the Internet, hosting in the AppHarbor platform and providing continuous integration to facilitate deployments, which draws from a repository Git available in BitBucket.The global development has been organized following the guidelines of the Scrum methodology, with a total duration of seven fortnightly sprints.