[Scheduler] ToDo App

Url: http://schedulerapp.esy.es/ProofOfConcept/

4V MVC Template FW
Application to put into practice an experimental MVC Framework to improve the structure traditionally used by newbie PHP programmers.

To proof this, you can create an account (by registering) or just use the following credentials:
Email: eugenia_perez@cuatrovientos.org
Psswd: cuatrovientos

Versions and features introduced in each one:

**Version 1.7**

– Multilanguage support.
– Getting preferred language from the user browser.

**Version 1.6**

– Function added to avoid the injection of malicious javascript code and remove
unnecesary extra characters.

**Version 1.5**

– Server-side validation added.

**Version 1.4**

– Ability to paginate results in the task table.
– Transition between pages using AJAX calls.

**Version 1.3**

– Menu bar improved

**Version 1.2**

– Menu bar updated:
– Get the code: link to the bitbucket repository
– Contact: contact form to send an email to the site admin
– Credits: dialog form to show some authorship info
– About: page with some social buttons to share the site

**Version 1.1**

– Logout functionality added.

**Version 1.0**

– Editing user form added.

**Version 0.9**

– Register form added.
– User errors management improved.

**Version 0.8**

– Delete a specific task functionality added. Using AJAX.

**Version 0.7**

– Edit a specific task functionality added.

**Version 0.6**

– Insert task functionality improved.
– Formatted dates enhanced.

**Version 0.5**

– Insert task functionality added.

**Version 0.4**

– Tasks table improved.
– Protection of the private views.

**Version 0.3**

– Refactoring of the database connection handling.

**Version 0.2**

– Private index page user interface ready with create task form and tasks table in place
– jQuery datepicker added
– Timepicker plugin added

**Version 0.1**

– Home Page with login form
– Login management