[Shopping cart] Single-page app

URL: http://schedulerapp.esy.es/v0.9/

Shopping cart – Single-page app concept

To proof this, you can just use the following credentials:
Email: eugenia_perez@cuatrovientos.org
Psswd: cuatrovientos

This is the very first prototype of a proof of concept website I was working some time ago. The goal I’m trying to achieve here is to play around client-side rendering and processing of the data. In other words, doing as much as I can with javascript. So this is a light way side with no server-side code behind.  The data is coming from a PHP API which is using a MySQL database. However, this datasource can be changed tomorrow for another one such as a third-party API like Amazon or eBay.

Regarding I’m not using server-side code I have to use a workaround to get and display data from a different domain using an AJAX call. This is because the well-known cross-site scripting policy. To overcome this, a popular solution that many APIs are using today is to return the data in jsonp format.

Here you are further information: http://eugeniaperez.es/wordpress/2013/08/01/how-to-develop-a-cutting-edge-shopping-cart-v0-2/

Versions and features introduced in each one:

  • v0.1: Listing the products
  • v0.2: Adding the product detail
  • v0.3: Using jQuery management to fill the required selectors through HTML code, in order to edit an specific product.
  • v0.4: Searching a product by name
  • v0.5: Adding the login feature
  • v0.6: Saving the whole shopping list in the database.
  • v0.7: Beta version
  • v0.8: Getting product information from a third-party public API: (BestBuy)
  • v0.9: Using SessionStorage HTML5 to save some required information.