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[Off topic] Nuevo curso de certificado de profesionalidad – Desarrollo con tecnologías web

A partir del próximo mes de Abril en horario de tardes estaré impartiendo varios módulos del Certificado de Profesionalidad de Nivel 3 de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones con Tecnologías Web (IFC0210) El curso ofrece una visión completa de las destrezas necesarias para desarrollarse en el campo profesional de la programación haciendo especial hincapié en tecnologías del […]

Christmas presents

Battle Cry: hell yeah!!!!!!!!! The Three Wise Men have arrived a bit sooner this year. And it seems that they liked how I did this year, regarding the presents I have received. For now, I have been given an incredible present: a 13″ MacBook Air!!! I know that it is a bit posh, but anyway, […]

New Year Resolutions

Christmas are finally here. Apart from going out, going out again, drinking more cider than I really should, getting together with my closest friends and relatives, enjoying a few days in my hometown and taking a deserved break while switching my mind off… Here they’re some of my resolutions for the year coming: Getting the […]