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Getting information from an external API using jsonp

As you probably know, it is not possible to retrieve information from an external source located on a different domain to your client-side code directly using a traditional AJAX call. This is because of the cross-site scripting policy, which tries to protect websites from malicious script injection. To overcome this situation there is a workaround […]

ShoppingCart part II

After having the listing in place and the search functionality as well, the next step a ShoppingCart app has to face is to show the details of each product when the user clicks on them. Given we’re trying to concentrate our side on a single-page we cannot follow the traditional approach of redirecting the user […]

Spread the usage of OAuth

Furthermore, the response, which is sent by Facebook API Solution to our application, provide us some useful information about the logged-in user. Thus, we can wisely use the index.html file to print some personal data such as name, location, education, gender, etc. (if available). This enables you to have access to the response object, as […]

Third-party login and access with OAuth

Nowadays It is increasingly common that many web applications take advantage of external services such as Facebook and Gmail API solutions, in an attempt to speed up and optimize the user experience, save oneself to accomplish the tedious task of  filling  the typical registration form. Thus, for these purposes is often used OAuth protocol. OAuth […]

The death of Javascript?

It has been said during the last years that Javascript was going to die sooner or later. Everyone wanted to kill that messy programming language which was driving a lot of programmers worldwide nuts. However, we are attending to a new trend which consists on moving as much logic as possible to the client. And […]

Jasmine Javascript Unit Tests

In the same way that Java has JUnit, .NET NUnit and so on, in Javascript there’re some Unit Testing Libraries, like in this case Jasmine.  You might have not any previous experience with this sort of frameworks but Unit Testing is a must in every programming language, and Javascript isn’t an exception. I think some […]