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Using Web Workers to consume Lastfm API

Web workers are a technology which allows us to delegate tasks in background using client-side programming. Until now with pure Javascript it was not possible to start or run multiple tasks at the same time. Web workers provide an easy way to split tasks in different contexts. How this works is rather simple. From your […]

HTML5 Session and Local Storage

Traditionally when one needs to store some information client-side, the first thing which comes to our mind is, as the popular monster says, cookies! This has been the approach used during the last years. However, with the recently arrival of HTML5 the web browsers which support this technology allow developers to store information in two […]

Getting information from an external API using jsonp

As you probably know, it is not possible to retrieve information from an external source located on a different domain to your client-side code directly using a traditional AJAX call. This is because of the cross-site scripting policy, which tries to protect websites from malicious script injection. To overcome this situation there is a workaround […]

ShoppingCart part II

After having the listing in place and the search functionality as well, the next step a ShoppingCart app has to face is to show the details of each product when the user clicks on them. Given we’re trying to concentrate our side on a single-page we cannot follow the traditional approach of redirecting the user […]

jQuery mobile

Make sure your web applications look nice when browsing from a mobile device Due to the current trends in mobile devices purchasing and using them to access the Internet, there are more and more users out there accesing our sites from a mobile device. And of course, someone has to take care of that. We […]