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Gaining momentum with Symfony2

I cannot yet reveal too much about the 3 technical books that I’m going to publish, but they will be pretty soon available to the public. So I’ve decided to write another tech book with practical concerns and real-world apps, based on the Symfony Framework. Hoping it’ll be an ideal complement for vocational education and training […]

[Off-topic] Creating a QR code client-side

When we’re developing a website it’s sometimes useful to provide a mechanism to make easier for users to come back to the site later on. Traditionally this was very easy to implement for classic web browsers.  However the amount of mobile devices that nowadays are surfing the Internet is huge and this is nothing but the begining. […]

jQuery mobile

Make sure your web applications look nice when browsing from a mobile device Due to the current trends in mobile devices purchasing and using them to access the Internet, there are more and more users out there accesing our sites from a mobile device. And of course, someone has to take care of that. We […]