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Message Queueing with Apache ActiveMQ

Spring Framework provides two common ways to empower enterprise applications such as message queues and email sending. Message queues allow asynchronous communication between programs or systems. Not only allow you to send messages but object instances. To integrate this technology in our applications a message queuing server like Apache ActiveMQ is required. Here you can […]

STOMP and Websockets

STOMP is a messaging transfer protocol that allows us to use Websockets to connect to nodes remotely. There are several implementations of servers and clients compatible with this protocol. Servers wise, perhaps the most popular is Apache ActiveMQ. One of its features is the queue system that implements. Using these set of queues, we can […]

Chat with WebSockets

During these days I am trying to use my time as wisely as I can. One of the things I thought it would be worthwhile was reviewing the materials I use to teach Programming with Threading and Concurrency. Having a look at the latest trends, I came across a really interesting technology which puts together […]